Uber for dates

Pure: Uber for dates
Pure is a radical new dating app that focuses on two keywords: right now.

Get exactly what you want

Choose someone you find attractive and see if it’s mutual.

Focus on fun

You only see people who are nearby, and are up for a date right now.

Straight to the point

The search starts within seconds. Mutual attractions are defined simply by pressing YES or NO WAY.

Leave no trace

Requests and photos are only visible to those with matching search criteria. The request, with the history of conversation and photos, will be automatically deleted within an hour.

No disappointments

if you want to see more pictures, just request them, no prior chat necessary.

Face control

Confidential user feedback is mandatory and is used to ban those who don't show up for arranged meetings, use misleading pictures, or violate the terms and conditions.

There's an app for that!

a short film


Our team’s core tenet is that no one person should be expected to be everything for another. We believe it’s natural for someone to feel a powerful sense of attachment to a long term partner while feeling intense romantic love for somebody else and at the same time, feeling sexually attracted to a diverse range of people.

We would like it to be all about exploring different dynamics with different people — sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Government, society, and religion have oppressed human sexuality in the past and continue to do so to this day. It’s time to make a radical change and give people back the joy of a regular and diverse sex life. We are certain that gender, sexual activities, or the number of participants in sexual relations should not be externally regulated.

Some people are looking for just one partner, while others want to explore and enjoy. It’s your choice, and Pure helps you act on it!

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